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Tech SupportStart Start-up & Resetting

Start Sequence:

  1. The following table shows the Telephony Modem light patterns during each phase of the startup sequence.
  2. There are two phases of startup.
    1. The Telephony phase and the cable modem phase.
    2. Both are outlined below.
    TM600 Start-up Sequence

  • Note:
    • The US/DS indicator flashes yellow during startup and turns green if the Telephony Modem establishes an ultra-high speed connection.
    • For some service providers, these colors may be reversed.

Reset Procedure:

  1. Using the Reset Button.
    1. Use the Reset button, on the back of the Telephony Modem, to reset the modem as if you power cycled the unit.
      1. The photo to the left shows the location of the Reset button.
    2. Use a pointed non-metallic object to press this button.
      1. The Reset button is recessed to prevent accidental resets.

TM 600 Series Modems:

TM 800 Series Modems:

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