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Network Quality

Tech SupportChecking Modem Status


Verify Power to Modem.

  • Power light is Green.
    • Modem is operating on Commercial Power.
  • Power Indicator NOT Green.
    • Verify power cable is connected securely.
    • Verify power to electrical outlet.
      • Make sure modem is not plugged into a switched outlet.
    • Verify any power strips are turned on.
      • If the strip has an internal breaker.
        • Reset breaker.
      • Bypass power strip and plug directly into outlet if required.
    • Verify any UPS units are functioning normally.
      • Bypass UPS and plug directly into outlet if required.
  • Power Indicator is Flashing.
    • Indicates modem is running in Battery back up mode.
      • Verify Power.

Verify Modem is Online:

  • Online Indication:
    • DS, US and Online lights are Green.
      • DS light is On.
        • Downstream signaling is connected.
      • US light is On
        • Upstream signaling is connected.
      • Online light on On.
        • Modem is online with network.
  • Offline Indication.
    • Online light is Flashing or Out.
      • Note which lights are Solid Green.
      • Note which of the lights are blinking:
        • DS Light Flashing.
          • Downstream Signaling is trying to connect.
        • US light is Flashing.
          • Upstream Signaling is trying to connect.
      • Note which of the lights are out.
    • Contact Technical support for repair.

Telephone Line Indicators:

  • Tele light is solid green.
    • Telephone line is Idle (On Hook).
  • Tele light is flashing.
    • Line is Active (Off Hook).
  • Tele light is out.
    • No active line.
    • or Line is disabled.

Battery Indicator:

  • When AC power indicator is on.
    • Battery is Good or Low when Solid Green.
    • Battery is Missing when Off.
    • Battery is Bad when flashing.
  • When AC power indicator is flashing.
    • On Battery Power when Off.
    • Battery is Low when Flashing.

Link Indicator:

  • This indicator is only used when the modem supplies High Speed Internet.
  • In most cases this light wll be out.

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