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Tech SupportConnecting to the Interface

To install or repair your inside wiring at the Telephone Modem (MTA):

  • Stop SignBefore working on your phone lines, please read and understand the CAUTIONS.
  • Refer to -"MTA Layout" for details on the different telephone modem models and their layouts.

MTA Rear with lables

Making Connections Directly to a Telephone:

  • Standard Single Line Telephones:
    • Connect one end of the telephone base cord to one of the telephone ports on the back of the Telephony Modem.
      • Jacks A (Tel Line 1/2), B (Tel Line 2), C (Tel Line 3/4) or D (Tel Line 4) as shown in the Rear Panel image above.
    • Connect the other end to the telephone.
  • Multi-line Telephones:
    • 2 or 4 line phones using two separate lines on a single RJ-14 base cord.
      • plug it into the port labeled “Tel 1/2” or “Tel3/4”.
    • 2 line phones capable of using separate RJ-14 base cords for each line.
      • This connection type will allow ease of troubleshooting.
        • Base cords can be moved to test the modem ports.
        • Base cords can be moved to test the telephone's line jacks/ports.
    • 4 Line phones.
      • Plug 1st base cord into jack 1/2 on the phone and port labeled “Tel 1/2” on the Telephone Modem (MTA).
      • Plug 2nd base cord into jack 3/4 on the phone and port labeled “Tel 3/4” on the Telephone Modem (MTA).

Making Connections to the Customer Owned Wiring:

  • It is recommended to contact a qualified electrician to make the proper connections to the customer owned wiring.
  • When connecting to a Telephone System or PBX, please contact the system vendor to make the proper connections.
  1. Connecting inside wiring to a Jack.
    • It is recommended to use 1 jack for each telephone line being connected for ease of troubleshooting.

  2. Connecting to a Telephone Block.
    • A Specialized punch tool is required for connecting telephone wires to a block.
    • Using any other tool like a screw driver will damage the block.

    Wire Types and Colors:

    4 wire cable

    • green wire to green terminal
    • red wire to red terminal
    • black wire to green terminal - for second line if used
    • yellow wire to red terminal - for second line if used

    8 wire and 12 wire cables

    • white/blue to green terminal
    • blue/white to red terminal
    • white/orange to green terminal- for second line if used
    • orange/white to red terminal- for second line if used
    Wire Types

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