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Non Recurring ChargesNon-Recurring Charges

$65.00 (one line)

$100.00 (two or more lines)

Subsequent Account Changes

$20.00 - (Changes and/or additions per order)

Long Distance Carrier Change (per PIC per line)

$5.50 - Non-Recurring account charges will not apply during the initial 30 day period; following completion of a service order.

Line Restoral Charge

$26.50 - Applies for line restoral after temporary interruption of service initiated by the Company. If service is temporarily interrupted and payment is not received within 10 days following the interruption, the Company reserves the right to discontinue service. If service is discontinued and subsequently re-established, charges apply as for a new installation of service.

Suspension of Service Restoral Charge

$15.00 - Applies for line restoral after Customer-initiated suspension.

Installation of Optional Features


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